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For Nannies...

I would love to meet you! I am easy to work with and will treat you with kindness. I have no employees. If you are interested in one of the nanny jobs I am hiring for, I will guide you through the process from start to finish. My business is incredibly personal and I take a lot of pride in what I do.  I am talking to families all over the Philadelphia area and I would love the privilege of connecting you with those families. I hope to find you an employer who will suit your individual needs.

Happy Baby

I have had the pleasure to meet many of the nannies who work in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. We have the best nannies right here in the Philadelphia area.


YOU, the nannies of the Philadelphia area (Malvern, Newtown Square, Swarthmore, Wyane, Blue Bell, Doylestown, Newtown, Moorestown NJ...) have taken it upon yourselves to push this industry forward. Children are our future and the work you do is of utmost importance. I was a nanny for years. I understand the joys and also the struggles of being a nanny.


I often tell nannies about the families and ask them who they think they would be the best fit for them. I know that is a higher level of trust than most agencies put in the nanny. I like to think that I am unlike most nanny agencies in the level of respect I have for nannies. 

If a family decides not to hire one of the nannies I recommend last minute, I help that nanny connect to another family if possible. I try to respect nannies' time, their privacy, and their career. 

Mother and Baby on the Beach

Nanny Referral Program

I have met some of my best nannies through connections with other nannies. For this reason, I have started a referral program. Several nanny friends helped me structure it. I want to consistently and tangibly thank those of you who are telling your nanny friends about me.


If you (a nanny) refer another nanny to me and the nanny is a successful placement (stays for 3 months) I will send you $300. The first $100 will be sent via Venmo or apple pay on her first day of work and the last $200 after three months.  In reality, my placements should last at least a year but that’s way too long to wait. Please make sure the person you recommend to me tells me that you recommended them.  Thank YOU for all of your great recommendations over the years. 

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