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Process and Pricing

I will have a conversation with you to find out what you value most in a nanny and about how much you plan to pay the nanny. Typically, we recommend $23-$32/ hour depending on several factors. I will do all the behind-the-scenes work of finding a nanny—advertising, interviewing, reference checks, and background checks. I will be in contact with about 30-100+ candidates. As soon as I find someone whom I think would be a perfect match for your family and your specific needs, I will forward you a video of the highlights of my interview with them. I ask that you please review the video and get back to me within 24 hours with your first impression. The nannies are actively looking for their next job and the best nannies are hired quickly. You will likely love the nannies I refer to you and we will schedule a time for you to meet the nanny within the following days. If you do not want to meet with the nanny, please give me feedback as to why that is. Your feedback will help direct my search. I am continuously searching and fine-tuning my search with your family in mind. I will present you with several nannies. If you do not want to hire one of those nannies, I will repeat the process to find you a nanny you love. I will work hard to find your family the perfect fit. After presenting about 5-12 candidates we might come to the decision that I have exhausted my resources and at that point, you could walk away with only paying the deposit. My goal is for that to never happen.

You will have your top nanny choices to your home for at least two trial shifts. You will pay them directly for those shifts. You and your children will get to know the nannies. After that, you choose the nanny that is best for your family. If the nanny is currently working with another family, scheduling those trial days can be tricky but we always squeeze them in. If the nanny has a flexible schedule and is available to work, I recommend having her work for one to two full weeks so you and the nanny can both feel confident in your decision to move forward.  I will provide you with a contract you can use between you and your nanny. I will refer you to a payroll company if you would like to use that company. I help with negotiating the nanny's hourly rate and details such as PTO. You never will pay your nanny through Liberty Nannies. The process typically takes 6 weeks. It can happen as quickly as 3 weeks and sometimes takes as much as 12 weeks. 



If for some reason you find that the nanny is not a good fit for your family within the first three months of the nanny’s employment, I will start the process over again to ensure you are happy with your experience with Liberty Nannies. 


-COST- $3,500 total
$700 application fee to get the search started
$2,800 placement fee—due after you select your nanny but before her first day of work


I love what I do and am passionate about matching families with their perfect nanny. I would love to help you find the best nanny for your little ones.

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