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Serving the greater Philadelphia area

LIBERTY NANNIES is not taking any clients from 9/2023-9/2024 .

I unfortunately am taking time away from pairing families and nannies and I am not able to help you at this time. I am working full time with my family's business, After the Stork. ( I hope to one day combine the two services because I have so much fun finding the absolute best nannies for your precious families. Likewise, I love finding nannies jobs they love! I have had such a fun and meaningful time doing this work and I hope to return to it one day. For now, I am enjoying setting up brand new babies and moms with lovely postpartum doulas and ensuring the day to day operations of After the Stork run smoothly. I get to work with my mom (Georgette Kerr/owner of After the Stork) and sister (Allison Hart/ scheduler for After the Stork and IBCLC) daily. If you think we should still connect, please feel free to reach out to me! My info is below. Have a great day!


Text or call me 215-317-2536



I am Ashley Morrison. I own Liberty Nannies. I had a front-row seat in watching my mom build her own business,  After the Stork Postpartum Doula Services. I took an active role helping with those precious babies and have always loved babies and kids of all ages. I am a nurturer. I began babysitting and then nannying when I was about thirteen years old. By the time I was sixteen I had a full-time summer job being the nanny to quadruplet newborn babies and their toddler brother! It was my dream job. I worked for several families whom each holds a special place in my heart. I worked the long hours, traveled with families across the country, and I have done overnight care when parents have been on work trips. My experience as a nanny is extensive. I also worked at a summer camp and taught preschool children. I became an elementary school teacher and taught kindergarten, first grade, and even taught in middle school. I went on to have four children of my own and worked as a postpartum doula. I was the hiring manager at After the Stork, helping my mom, Georgette, find and hire doulas. That was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always prided myself on being a good judge of character. Finding doulas gradually turned into finding nannies and that is how Liberty Nannies LLC was born. It is truly my pleasure to sit with these wonderful nannies and get to know them and decide if they would be a good fit for your family.


Some families hesitate to get the help they need. Don’t hesitate! I have four boys ages 5-14 and I wish I would have had more help when they were all younger. Those younger years are hard, but they are so precious. Sometimes the exhaustion makes it hard for us to truly appreciate the sweetness of those years with little ones. The money we spend getting the absolute best care for our little ones is money well spent. These years will likely hold some of our most precious memories. Enjoy them as much as you can by reducing stress however you can. The days are long but the years are short. I look forward to working with you.


Ashley was a fantastic partner in finding us a nanny.  She was a great listener, she sourced excellent candidates and she was very hands on throughout the entire process including references, background checks and contract.  We would highly recommend her!

-Wynnewood Family

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